Friday, September 20, 2013

Classic Poems: 'The Embarrassing Episode of Little Miss Muffet' by Guy Wetmore Carryl

Yes, the blog has been quiet for a while. (I've been busy promoting my book and getting it in the hands of more readers and reviewers, so that took my attention off the blog for a bit). 

Meanwhile, here's a classic poem by a poet who should really be better known than he is, Guy Wetmore Carryl (1873-1904). This fun poem is excerpted from his 1900 book titled 'Mother Goose For Grown-ups

The Embarrassing Episode of Little Miss Muffet

Little Miss Muffet discovered a tuffet, 
(Which never occurred to the rest of us) 
And, as 'twas a June day, and just about noonday, 
She wanted to eat - like the rest of us: 

Her diet was whey, and I hasten to say 
It is wholesome and people grow fat on it. 
The spot being lonely, the lady not only 
Discovered the tuffet, but sat on it. 

A rivulet gabbled beside her and babbled, 
As rivulets always are thought to do, 
And dragon flies sported around and cavorted, 
As poets say dragon flies ought to do; 

When, glancing aside for a moment, she spied 
A horrible sight that brought fear to her, 
A hideous spider was sitting beside her, 
And most unavoidably near to her! 

Albeit unsightly, this creature politely 
Said: " Madam, I earnestly vow to you, 
I'm penitent that I did not bring my hat. I 
Should otherwise certainly bow to you." 

Though anxious to please, he was so ill at ease 
That he lost all his sense of propriety, 
And grew so inept that he clumsily stepped 
In her plate - which is barred in Society. 

This curious error completed her terror; 
She shuddered, and growing much paler, not 
Only left tuffet, but dealt him a buffet 
Which doubled him up in a sailor knot. 

It should be explained that at this he was pained: 
He cried: "I have vexed you, no doubt of it! 
Your fists's like a truncheon." "You're still in my luncheon," 
Was all that she answered. "Get out of it!" 
And the Moral is this: Be it madam or miss 
To whom you have something to say, 
You are only absurd when you get in the curd 
But you're rude when you get in the whey.

- Guy Wetmore Carryl, 1900

Monday, July 8, 2013

'The Bubble Collector' gets a great review from Publisher's Weekly!

The folks over at Publisher's Weekly gave 'The Bubble Collector' a pretty nice review, using adjectives like 'Freewheeling', 'Wisecracking', 'Impish', 'Punchy', Screwball' and 'High-Spirited'. Thanks, Publisher's Weekly!

"School, family, mealtime, animals, and imaginary creatures are among the everyday and outlandish subjects Madan visits in this freewheeling compilation of 100 poems. The poetic styles represented are just as varied, including punchy short rhymes, longer narrative poems, limericks, parodies of well-known poems, and nonsense ditties. The overall tone is more uniform, tending toward the wisecracking and impish ("Franken-Jack and Franken-Jill/ Lurching, lurching up the hill/ Testing out the new physiques/ Doctor Stein has built this week"). Another common denominator is humor (the narrator of "Things I Learned the Hard Way" shares some useful advice: "Don't stuff sausage in dad's shoe/ Don't fix broken eggs with glue/ Don't hide treasures in the waste/ Don't brush teeth with garlic paste"). Madan also plays with words for the sake of the rhyme: "Our mums make us do yoga/ They say it'll help us grow-ga/ We wear our little toga/ And quietly tiptoe-ga." The author's screwball, black-line cartoons work in tandem with the text, in some cases delivering the poems' punch lines. A high-spirited read-aloud. Ages 6–12. " -  

Monday, May 27, 2013

Bubble Collector gets a 6-Star Review!

The Kid-Lit-Reviews blog posted a book review of 'The Bubble Collector' this weekend - and gave it 6-Stars (out of 5)!!! Go-on over and read it here:

Thanks Kid Lit Reviews!!! :)

My main website is up again...

Just a quick note: my main website is finally back up again so if you want to see more of my work (including my latest adventure, art) stop on by there.

(My site went down last year when the web site host I was using went out of business. I finally found a new free host over at - and as a software guy, I have to say I'm very impressed with the website creation tools Weebly is providing.  If you need a website, definitely  check them out)(and no, I'm not affiliated with them, I'm just a happy user)

Saturday, May 4, 2013

A recent blog interview

Matt Forrest was kind enough to interview me (as part of national poetry month) about the experiences leading up to my publishing 'The Bubble Creator'. Read it in detail here:

Friday, April 5, 2013

Bubble Collector Giveaway

*Update* - the Giveaway completed on April 14. The 2 lucky winners were from Texas and Washington. Thanks everyone who participated. Stay tuned for the next Giveaway.
I'm doing a test giveaway of 2 copies of 'The Bubble Collector' on - this giveaway will run for a week April 7-14. (Depending on how successful it is, I will follow up with a bigger one - more copies, more time). Feel free to enter -what have you got to lose ? :)

Goodreads Book Giveaway

The Bubble Collector by Vikram Madan

The Bubble Collector

by Vikram Madan

Giveaway ends April 14, 2013.
See the giveaway details at Goodreads.
Enter to win

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Bubble Collector: It's LIVE !!!

Here it is folks, the moment we, I mean, I have been waiting for :The Bubble Collector is now LIVE!

Purchase from

Or from

Visit the Facebook page:  and of course the page on this blog:

If you haven't already seen it, make sure to watch the new trailer:

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Bubble Collector: Getting closer to the finish line ...

Hard at work, trying to get the book out the door. So close, I can almost taste it ... I guess when you wear all the hats yourself (publisher, editor, author, illustrator, book designer, proof-reader, marketer, mail-room guy ... ) things are going to go a bit slower ...

Stuff that's been happening in the last 4 weeks:
* Checked and edited several rounds of proofs for the book.
* Updated book with the few endorsements I could rustle up
* Set up a new page with more detailed, book-specific information. You can click on it from the bar up above or go directly to it using this link:
* Got domain names and (Hate when you have to get both the links - note-to-self: next time dont use a title with the word THE in it). Also got some QR Codes to put on the back of the book
* Created a better book trailer (you can see it off the new page)
* Investigated publicity and marketing options (which can be pretty darned over-whelming) ...

Almost there now ...

Friday, February 22, 2013

My upcoming poetry collection: The Bubble Collector

If you've stopped by my blog recently, you might have noticed that I've been missing-in-action for the last couple of months. The reason for my absence is that I've been heads-down for the last 3 months finishing up my first collection of self-illustrated humorous poetry, titled The Bubble Collector: Poems and Drawings by Vikram Madan. I'm happy to say that the finishing line is finally in sight. I received my first proofs this week and, some additional tweaking not-withstanding, I hope to release this collection within the next month or two.

Here is a quick video peek to whet your appetite:

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