Thursday, October 25, 2012

984. A Little Nap

Ever have one of those days when All. You. Want. To. Do. Is. Take. A. Little. Nap?

          A Little Nap
      by Vikram Madan

I’d love to take a little nap –
  (Just forty winks or so)
But noise in this construction zone
  is hampering my flow
The hammer's curt staccato tin-
  tinnabulates my ear
The drill's insistent counterpoint
  keeps stabbing through my cheer
The motor's surly grumbles send
  dissonance up my core
The chisel chip-chip-chips away
  what’s left of my rapport
The scraping, pouring, polishing!
  The blare and racket stun!
I guess I won't be napping till
  my dental work is done… :(

Copyright © 2012 Vikram Madan
Sound Effect Fonts from Blambot.Com

Yes, one of those days (sigh), and and now you also know what my visit to the dentist sounds like... (Hopefully your dental experiences are more peaceful).


Oh, and happy poetry friday, hosted this week at the Teacher Dance blog.


  1. Anyone who can fit 'tintinnabulate' and 'dissonance' into a children's poem gets my vote! Good job, Vikram - especially the twist ending!

    1. Thanks Matt. Words like tintinnabulate deserve to be celebrated :)

  2. Tintinnabulate for the win! So funny as usual, Vikram, and with a surprise ending that made me snicker. Look, I'm doing it again - SNICKER! :)

    1. Thanks Renee. Remember: A snicker a day keeps those bitter snits away :)

  3. Ouch, sorry! I like the poem, though!

    1. Actually it wasn't *that* *that* bad (I did take some poetic license). But I got a poem out of it so I guess I came out even :)

  4. HAH! Love the ending! And I agree with Matt about tintinnabulate and dissonance!

  5. Surprise is always good, and you certainly did that here. I thought perhaps you were having street repairs or ? I like the illustrations at the sides-looks good!

    1. Thanks - the surprise was definitely the intended effect. The whole poem started as I fell asleep in the dental chair and then was woken up by the sounds the equipment was making ...


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