Sunday, May 11, 2014

979. Magic Potion

Another poem from this years March Madness @ 
This time the assigned world was 'quintessential':
Magic Potion (or Why I Got An ‘F’ in Math)
By Vikram Madan
“First, take one twitch of witches’ itch, and swirl in swish of pirate’s blade
Then add a dab of dragon scab, and spice with hints of tint of jade
Whip up the scowl of two foul owls, and pep with pinch of poet’s woe
Mix in the roar of ogre’s snore, and boil this all with stub of toe!”
“And when you’re done”, the Gypsy hummed, “you will have made a potent brew -
A quintessential tonic that will fix whatever’s vexing you!”
No time to think! I cooked this drink! And poured it on my test today!
Well, did my test turn out the best?!? No … it grew legs and ran away … :(

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