Saturday, August 25, 2012

996. Captchas

For this week's Poetry Friday, well-known author Douglas Florian had a poem on his blog about captchas, ('captchas' are those weird number/letter combinations you have to decipher and type to prove you are human - read more here) to which I had to comment:

I tried to prove that I was not
A bot, a script, a tool
But I failed so persistently
I felt just like a fool
Is that an 'A'? Or 'T'? Or 'C'
Or 'X' crossed with an 'N'?
This squint-inducing task I'm sure
Is not for mortal men
I refresh, retry, try again
Until my brain unspools
Whoever thought these 'captchas' up
I fear is somewhat cruel ...
Copyright (c) 2012 Vikram Madan, All Rights Reserved


  1. Supa Dupa, but I can't capture the captcha

  2. Delightful. thanks for expanding my vocabulary. Didn't know those awful things were called captcha. I HATE the new ones with a picture and a word.

    1. I think we all hate 'em equally :). It also seems to me the pictures get more and more cryptic to the point of becoming undecipherable by us humans ... (or maybe it's just my waining eyesight :) )


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