Tuesday, September 18, 2012

986. Ode to the Best Darn Poem What I Ever Did Write

Here's one only a poet can appreciate :)

Ode to the Best Darn Poem What I Ever Did Write
                        By Vikram Madan

I marveled when you first emerged, a tendril of a thought
You needed care and nurturing: I gave you all you sought

I watched you thrive and blossom and unfurl your worded wings
The texture of a language, vibrating in your strings

I felt your rhythms synchronize, your meters coalesce
Iambic feet cavorting as you took on loveliness

Your metaphors? Magnificent! Your similes? A bliss!
The way your words enthralled my tongue was no less than a kiss

Climatic? Like a symphony; Sagacity? Profound!
We danced all day inside my mind - (My smugness knew no bounds)

A masterpiece so perfect that no world would be the same!
I went to bed content I stood upon the cusp of fame

I dreamt all night how you and I would transform mankind
I woke up … to be horror-struck - you'd faded from my mind!

Oh why, oh why, did I commit the poets greatest sin
I should have freed you to paper, not kept you locked within

I've tried but failed to bring you back - I'll mourn you ever more
You could have been my 'Raven' but instead you're my 'Lenore'.

Copyright © 2012 Vikram Madan

[ PS. For anyone who didn't catch the references in the last line, look up Edgar Allan Poe's 'The Raven', a masterpiece of a poem that turned Poe into an instant celebrity. In that poem, Lenore is the maiden the narrator lost and forever pines for ... ]

PPS Happy Poetry Friday - this weeks the funs at Renee LaTulippe's No Water River blog.


  1. Replies
    1. Yes, definitely part of 'the road taken' for most poets :)

  2. Oh, Vikram, Vikram, Vikram...don't I always start my comments to you that way? You're just too clever! I love that last line.

  3. I love coalescing meters and cavorting iambic feet!

    Years ago, my writer's notebooks were stolen. They were was in a portfolio that looked as though it held a laptop. I imagine the thief was pretty disappointed to discover the bag just held notebooks. Of course, everything in the notebooks was pure genius! Ah well.

    1. Oh, that's a sad story. But I can sympathize deeply - my first notebook of poems was eaten up by my dog... (and, to top it all, it gave him indigestion) ...

  4. Ha! Another winner. (And I love that title.) Thanks for sharing, Vikram, and, Tabatha - perhaps your stolen words have had some positive effect out in the universe? But what a loss for you! :0! Glad it didn't slow you down. There's probably a poem in that, too....

  5. I felt your rhythms synchronize, your meters coalesce.

    Oh wait, you said that.

    Seemingly off-topic(but not) question: Do you write code?


    1. Hi Ed, Yes I do write code too ... Is it that obvious ? :)

  6. So clever! You had me at "a tendril of a thought." :)

    1. Hi Jama, I didnt get around to writing about this in the post above, but the seed of this poem was the word 'tendril', which happens to be the 'word of the month' over on David Harrison's blog . David hands out a word every month and invites people to write a poem around it. This was my poem for that word. :)

  7. And you, Vikram, are my potato chip of Poetry Friday. When I've read post after post, and my eyes are getting sore, I see your link and I think, I'll just have one more!

    1. The problem with 'just one more' is that it's really hard to stop .... and next thing you know, it's 10 pounds later...
      But hopefully that was 10 pounds of fun .. :)

  8. Lovely iambic feet cavorting- and a clever ending! Nicely done, Vikram!

  9. Incredibly fun and clever! Fabulous!


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