Thursday, September 6, 2012

987. Franken-Jack and Franken-Jill

In celebration of this week's Poetry Friday, being hosted by Katya Czaja on her Write, Sketch, Repeat blog, here's a new twisted nursery tale I wrote this week. The plot will be at once familiar and at once not...

Franken-Jack And Franken-Jill
        By Vikram Madan

Franken-Jack and Franken-Jill
Lurching, lurching up the hill
Testing out the new physiques
Doctor Stein has built this week

Buck-Et-Take-Up!", F-Jack groans
"Wa-Ter-Bring-Down!", F-Jill moans
Fill the bucket at the top
Careful not to slop a drop

Franken-Jill and Franken-Jack
Heaving, swaying, stagger back
Teeter, totter, two left feet
Trip and tumble to the street

Franken-Jill's the first to rise
Dusts her dress, adjusts her eyes
Looks at Franken-Jack and frowns

Franken-Jack gets up and looms
Feels his head, then rages, fumes

Text and Illustrations Copyright © 2012 Vikram Madan

Following last Poetry Friday's Humpty poem, this poem originally started as 'Franken-Humpty' ... but 'Franken-Humpty' just didnt have the same rhythm as 'Franken-Jack and Franken-Jill', who took a life of there own after being hit by a bolt of random inspiration.... :)

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Happy Poetry Friday!



  1. Such a fun poem. Happy to find your blog this week! :)

  2. Love you sense of humour and twist-endings, Vikram...I was happy with the first stanza being the entire poem (I think it stands on its own, actually), but the last line really made it!

  3. Hee! You're weird. :)

    BTW, there's another fun thing going on at David Harrison's blog today. Sad verses about his scummy pond.

  4. Very original!! And with illustrations, too! Nice job :-)

  5. Hahaha! Such a fun poem to read. I even tried to sing the first verse! Those last lines are pretty clever, perfect to end such a delightful poem! Thank you for sharing, Vikram! :)

    1. Glad you liked it! Thanks for stopping by - and feel free to poke around this blog ... :)

  6. Vikram,

    Sorry I'm late to read it, but great stuff again. I love the franken-speak.

    I really, really enjoy your work.



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