Wednesday, September 5, 2012

988. The Oviraptor's Kin

Here's an older dinosaur poem inspired by dinosaurs called Oviraptors, latin for 'Egg Thief'. The dinosaurs were so named because the first discovered fossil was found huddled over a clutch of eggs of - what was assumed to be - a different species. With time, paleontologists realized the dinosaur was probably guarding it's own nest and hadn't been 'caught in the act'. It's reputation was cleared, but the name still sticks. (Talk about a bum rap!)

This poem celebrates the original theory as that's the more imaginative one. :)

The Oviraptor's Kin
By Vikram Madan

Said Oviraptor to his kin,
    'I’m great at stealing eggs!
My arms are perfect - long and thin!
    I have the fastest legs!’

‘My face has got a cunning look
    My gait is sly and keen
I steal those eggs by hook or crook
    My getaways are clean'

‘And once an egg falls in my hands
    I cannot help but smile
The eggs from many Dino-lands
    I’ve added to my pile’

‘No Oviraptor can compare
    Its stash of eggs to mine
A hoard this size has to be rare
    And none could be as fine!’

But as he gloated, full of pride,
    He erred and turned his back
Which let his kin sneak by his side
    And pilfer his whole stack…

Text and Illustrations Copyright © 2004 Vikram Madan

An Oviraptor's kin, after all, is an Oviraptor too ...

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